3 Essential Accessories Men Cannot Live Without

 Marc Jacobs once said, “any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” Sounds a pretty good excuse for stylish lads not to feel guilty of filling up their wardrobes with amazing accessories the men’s department has to offer. Clearly, accessories should always be a part of men’s closet in order to attain the look they desire. Unlike women, men have limited options when it comes to accessories, so it is important for every lad to have most necessary adornments present in their wardrobes. This is a list of the 3 essential accessories men cannot live without from head to toe, these are the accessories every man should possess and perhaps can’t live without; and to spice it up, videos are also added to ensure proper style guidance.



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Every man should have a pair of good sunglasses because this is an epitome of being cool— it is not only stylish, but it serves as protection for the eyes from harmful UV rays. Shades vary from sporty, business casual to formal, depending on how you want to be perceived, the right eye wear can definitely work wonders. However, not all sunglasses fit every guy no matter how fashionable they are. According to experts, they need to be chosen based on face shapes. Below is a video- guide on choosing the right pair of shades for different face shapes that will surely help every man to make the perfect choice.



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Another essential adornment for men is the belt, because it is not only made to hold up men’s trousers but it creates distinction between the top and the bottom half plus it also adds personal touch to formal wear and makes a style statement. It has also been noted that belt is gradually becoming the next frontier to men’s accessory due to massive production by well-known brands since the market demand escalated over the past five years.  Below is a video guide on how to choice the right belt to create an ideal look for every fashion aficionado.



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The men’s footwear department is the most visited area in many shops all over the work, probably because men have limited choices when comes to accessories. Well, shoes are indeed a vital part of a man’s wardrobe. They come in lots of amazing designs and innovations are made annually, but it is undeniable that they are still categorized in limited types. Below is a video guide covering the four most common types of shoes and how to pair them appropriately with clothes to help create a stylish look.



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