5 Men’s Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

For the fashion conscious, switching up your hairstyle for a new season is as important as switching up your wardrobe. Your hairstyle should be perfect for the season. It should have the right length as well as be trendy. Let’s take a look at the 5 men’s hairstyles for spring summer 2015.

1. The Shaved Head

A shaved head always looks clean and smart on any man. It also screams out boldness and confidence and summer is the perfect time to experiment with this hairstyle. It’s a simple look that can be achieved by anyone. Get help from a barber if you’re not sure how to do it yourself. The hairstyle will help to keep you cool in the summer. Shaving your hair will also clear a path for new, solid hair. Try this hairstyle this summer and see if you like it.


5 Men's Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

2. The Slick Back

What’s perfect about this hairstyle in summer is that when you use a slightly wet, dense product, your hair is kept off your face and it will stay in place throughout the day.

In order to leave a good deal of length through the top to allow it to slick back, consider asking your stylist for a tight fade on the back and around the sides of your head. As for those with thick hair, also ask your stylist to either point cut into it or use thinning scissors so as to remove some of the weight. Both point cutting into hair and using thinning scissors will reduce volume.

Remember that you can use different products to achieve a different finish and you can also change how you choose to style the hair. With a bit of sheen, quiffs and pompadours look great!


5 Men's Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

3. The Buzz Cut

This hairstyle looks best on strong, square face types. However, it can be adapted to others by manipulating the length and grade used. Before you get this hairstyle, it’s good to ask your stylist first if it suits your face shape.

It is worth knowing that there are two variations of this style. The first one is the butch cut, where the hair length is uniform all over. The second one is the flattop or the crew cut. Here, there is a difference in length between the hair on top and the hair on the sides and back of the head. You may also decide to leave slightly more length at the top for a modern take.


5 Men's Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

4. The Organized Mess

This hairstyle takes little effort and requires no expertise. You have to rub a small amount of pomade into the palm of your hands and work through your hair, making sure to work from front to back, and then side to side until the look is achieved. After doing this, you will need to add a spray gel. This gives your hair a bit of shine.


5 Men's Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

5. The Party on Top

You need to get a haircut first in order to keep the top full and controlled. The back of the head, as well as the sides, need to be kept very short and neat. The hair at the top of the head needs to be longer. You will need to apply a lightweight matte gel to the top, work through the hair and finish off with a hairspray. A comb is not needed or if you really must, uses a wide-tooth comb.


5 Men's Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2015

Final Words

As you work on your body, preparing for summer, remember to choose a new hairstyle that suits you as well. Your summer clothes will definitely need a slick hairstyle to complement your whole look.


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