8 Outdated Men’s Style Rules

Style and fashion are something everyone cares about the most when they go out for a meeting, for shopping or for that matter just hanging around with friends and have fun. How someone carries himself or herself is what is almost noted by everyone, and certainly assumptions about someone’s personality is portrayed by the dressing and style that people adapt. Fashion and style vary from time to time and place to place. It is entirely up to the person which fashion he or she intends to follow. However, there are certain style rules that are sometimes annoying for some people because they have to adapt it because that fashion is accepted and practised by everyone. Here are the 8 outdated men’s style rules that people have got freedom from.

1. White suit after Labour Day or before Memorial Day:

The fashion of wearing white was restricted to only after Labour Day or before Memorial Day. This trend strengthened its roots among the society in the 19th century. Wearing white was a symbol to classify people possessing inherited money from people who have recently become rich.

2. Belt and shoe matching:

The early days emphasised on the same colour of the leather you are wearing. It was necessary to have belt and shoes of the same colour as it was a sign of good dressing combination and was indeed considered as the indication of the sophisticated individual. 

These days’ people don’t really care about going into much detail with the colour combination that you decide to adapt and in some fashion domain, it is considered to be a contemporary approach of fashion and has become part of it and men have finally said goodbye to belt and shoe matching. They are not bound to follow this fashion if they really don’t feel like doing it.

3. Mandatory socks with pants:

Another fashion that men have removed from their fashion and style rules is that to mandatory wear socks with shoes. Nowadays, not wearing socks with shoes is a sign that summers have arrived. It’s not necessary to wear socks with shoes unless the case is dressing up or the occasion is too formal.

4. Must wear belt with pants:

It is considered that all the ornaments and stuff involved in men fashion should be of some use. The use of belt has totally become optional now. It is entirely up to an individual to wear belt according to their requirements. Pants can be worn without the belt if it’s not falling down.

5. Matching pants to your socks:

Decades ago, it was firmly believed that a men’s good dressing lies in the fact that men should wear socks of the same colour as his pants. The logic behind opting this fashion was that opting this combination make men look taller. This fashion is outdated now and men can wear socks of any colour they like. 

6. Pleated pants forbidden:

In the old days of fashion, it was believed that pleated pants are a factor of repelling people. Well those days are gone and pleated pants are coming back and they are coming hard. Pleated pants can be worn as desired now.

7. Black with blue or brown; not a valid combination:

Many decades ago, it was against men fashion rules to have a combination of black with blue and brown as it clearly violated the dressing rules but good riddance to such rules. Fashion has given people the free hand. Black with blue and brown combination can be opted at will now.

8. Never button top button:

It was as close to crime to have the top button, buttoned if not wearing a tie. This fashion rule was applied decades ago in the world of old fashion. Nowadays, there is no such restriction. The world of fashion is yours.

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