Expert Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Beard

Expert Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Beard

A beard is a fashion statement for most men, and in some circles, is viewed as a sign of strength. Keeping a beard and cutting it a certain way has been fashionable throughout history. A beard can enhance facial features, allow other men to stand out and in some instances, give others confidence.

For this reason, it is equally important to take care of one’s beard as you would take care of your hair or nails. Beard, if left to just grow, may look scruffy and dirty. Beard needs to be groomed or trimmed, styled and maintained so as to look flattering. Experts in the field have tips to grow and maintain beard and below is what they have to say.

Groom and Trim

It’s important to always shave your neck now and then as your neck should always be clean. You must invest in a very good clipper to use when trimming.

Craig the Barber, who is the author of, and is the owner of Grooming Concierge, advises that you should always trim your beard against the grain, always starting with the highest number guard first, and then working your way down in number’s until you have achieved the desired length. This will ensure that bulk is removed, and it provides you with a more even beard length. He also says that one should be mindful of the beard length on their chin: The longer your face is, the shorter your chin hair should be. Craig goes on to mention that trimmers will allow you to outline your moustache just above your top lip, and anywhere else you may want neater appearance.

Wash and Oil Your Beard

Just like your hair, beard needs to be shampooed constantly. It also needs to be moisturised so that it stays healthy. It is advisable to use a moisturizing shampoo so that you prevent the hair from getting brittle.

It is greatly advised to thoroughly cleanse the beard using a face wash and to regularly apply moisturiser or oil to the beard. Oil will give the beard a shiny look while a moisturiser will create more of a matt appearance while also helping to keep the beard soft and easy to groom as well.

Alex Glover, who is a barber from Murdock London, says, “As for facial hair care—that’s the defensive part of this game. Your hair is naturally designed to protect itself with fat oil coating. If I’m going to be out in the wind on a sailboat or in a pool that is chlorinated, I’ll put in a lightweight oil like jojoba or grape seed oil, to supplement my natural oils. I shampoo most days with a small amount of very weak shampoo. I recommend Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap.”

Pick A Style That Suits You

It is essential to find out what sort of beard suits your face best. Just like hairstyles, different beards suit different shapes. The best thing to do is to get a recommendation from a professional barber. Pop in your local salon and ask the barber the kind of beard that suits your face’s shape.

Men’s Journal states that rounder faces or those with double chins do well with some strong lines and borders that soften the curves. Try adding some geometric balance with a squared-off goatee or beard – or just longer whiskers on the chin with shorter hair on the side. Angular faces sometimes have sunken cheeks that you can fill in with some longer hair to add girth. For long faces, a full beard that’s thicker on the side and shorter around the mouth and chin can break things up into two hemispheres and bring your mug into proportion.

Hang in There

If you plan to grow a beard longer, you will need to be patient. Beard tends to be itchy for up to three weeks after a shave. What you must know, though, is that the itchiness will eventually disappear. In the meantime, what you can do to combat the itchiness is use a moisturiser.

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