How to dress like a powerful CEO

To become CEO you have to reach the top of the company, but before becoming one, you have to act and dress like one. You have to know that one rule “Dress for the job you want”.

Wear Confidence

Simply, it’s the most important thing. Walking confidently, gives an impression of a stable and strong character. Your outfit (we are going to give you some advice for that) plus your confidential behavior will give you a look like a real CEO.

Impress with Classic

It’s something that never goes out of fashion. Invest in some essentially black, blue and navy items that you could combine it with everything. Every man should possess one good suit and every woman should possess one good jacket that goes perfectly with a nice pair of pants or skirt.It should look elegant and casual at the same time. That could be black pants (slim, flared or wide) with the white t-shirt or relaxed ivory blouse and a jacket or a little black dress.


Heels give an illusion of a tall, and that illusion can give you more confident and independent look. The heels shouldn’t be too high max. 2 inches. But, they also may affect to your body language, so you have to choose one pair of super comfortable heels that you could move easily with. What is more, because you want to gain a professional look, heels should be in neutral colors like black, grey or beige.

Elegant Jewellery

Choose a piece of jewelry that won’t be big and blingy, but something simple and elegant. It could be pearl necklace or tiny silver one. Everything is allowed as long as it looks classy and fabulous. For men, it is enough one good elegant watch and perfect collar that fits with the suit.

Every Detail is Important

Pay attention to the details. It does matter everything. From toe to head. Nails trimmed. Shoes shined. Make sure your breath is fresh. If you have a beard, keep it clean and fresh, if not make sure you are shaved properly and your face is clean. Even your phone case has to look normal, without any offensive words and signs, or too much color.

Not too Much Perfume

The perfume that you are wearing should never be so strong; otherwise it will distract someone of what you are saying. So, next time when you are applying your fragrance, remind yourself that the smell should be tender with pleasant notes.

Enough Sleep

It’s the most important one. It will help you to work smarter and look healthier. Your organism will be thankful to you and your body and brain will feel much better. Try to determine your need of sleep hours and get the same amount of sleep every day.


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