How to Know Your Suit is a Perfect Fit

A good fitting suit is really important in a man’s wardrobe. A perfect fit suit can build a person similarly a bad fitting suit can easily make an attractive man look like a clown. Now, it depends on you if you wish to win a million hearts or you want to end up making a fool out of yourself. 

Now, understanding your size is necessary to get that perfect fitting suit. And these sizes depend on the length of your limbs. Generally size small (S) fits anybody who is 5’7 or shorter. Medium (M) fits men between the heights of 5’8 to 5’11 while men taller than 5’11 generally wears size larger (L).

Other than this, there are a few important things to be taken care of when you want to find out if your suit is of the perfect fit or not. 

Width of the Jacket

Make sure that it’s not too wide and the shoulder pad (or the seams) ends with your shoulder. At the same time, make sure that the shoulder pads or the seams are not too shorts and the jacket doesn’t poke you in your armpit. 

Right Proportion

One of the ways to understand that the jacket is of right size is by making a note of where the buttons fall. The top button of both two-button suit and the three-button suits should not fall under your navel.

Length of the Jacket

The right length of the jacket of the suit would be when you keep your arms at the sides and the knuckles would roughly even with the bottom of your jacket. For sleeves, make sure that the sleeves of the jacket sit at the base of thumbs. Also, the shirt underneath should be visible. About 1/4th to ½ an inch of shirt’s cuff should peek out of the sleeves of the suit.

Check the Pants

The pants shouldn’t be too long. There should always be roughly an inch of break at the bottom of your pants. There are generally three breaks seen. Either you can go the Full break where the hem of the pants hits the top of the shoes sole. Or you can try the Medium or Half -break. This is when the hem hits roughly half way down of the back of shoes. Otherwise you can try the casual look. It has No breaks and the hem of the pants ends right before the top of the shoes. 

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