Men’s Fashion Guide For The First Date

Asking out someone special that really matters to you is kind of a difficult task, and after her yes you don’t want anything to go wrong on that most awaited day. Especially when it comes to you, you don’t want to give any wrong impression about yourself. You need to bring the best out of you, remember the first date is the chance to make a long lasting impression. Your personal style defines who you are so the main focus is how to dress appropriately for this big day. Most of the men find it difficult and confusing when it comes to their clothing and styling men’s fashion guide for the first date will guide you through all this confusing stuff.


You must have heard that the first thing a woman notices about a man is his shoes, women judge you on the basis of your shoes which reflects your sense of style. So wear a nice pair of shoes according to the place you are heading. Lace-ups or loafers are the appropriate choices for the evening dates or sneakers for afternoon dates.

Don’t be too Dressed Up 

Going out with her first time and giving her the right impression can be a little stressful and for that right impression sometimes guys too dressed up for the occasion. Don’t wear  a tie until the place you going requires one. A fitted sport coat or a jacket would be perfect.

Nice Fit Matters

Don’t wear oversized clothes you will look sloppy and end up making bad impression. Wear the perfect fit it really matters you will look more decent and handsome. So check your coat or shirt how it’s fitting on your shoulders and chest, it shouldn’t be too baggy or short.


Women don’t like sloppy men, before leaving for your date make sure you are well groomed. Have a nice and clean haircut, properly shave or trim your beard and clip you fingernails. Women pay attention to every small detail.

Don’t Use too Much Cologne

Wear a nice perfume, girls like men who smell nice but don’t over do it or it can also be mood spoiler for a woman.

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