Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

Every new year brings along a new fashion season with it. Fashion is forever evolving so much that it’s hard to keep up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. We did the dirty work for you and found out what’s hot and what’s not in 2015. We paid a lot of attention to fashion weeks in London and Paris to come up with the hottest men’s fashion trends for SS15. Find out below what to wear to keep up with the hottest trends.


Well, it seems white is a summer look that never goes out of style. You can pair any clothing item with white. A favourite summer look for many is pairing a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt and your favourite pair of converse shoes. All white is also a great summer look; don’t be afraid to try it.

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

The Cinched Waist

This is one of the most surprising yet fashionable style to ever hit the runaway. Traditionally, cinched waists were for women but this season, that is about to change as we see men embracing this new trend. It is a simple look to pull off for anyone. Belts of all sizes can be worn on top of your jackets, coats or even blazers. Wearing colourful belts can put another spin to the whole look. Who says accessories are for women only?

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

The Statement Stripes

It seems stripes, just like denim, never go out of fashion and this fashion season, they are back with a bang. Stripes are a usual summer trend as witnessed throughout the years. The good thing about stripes is that they can be worn with a variety of clothing items. These can be your favourite pair of trousers or shirt. They also come in knits and shorts as well. For a fun take on the stripe look, try wearing stripped tees with a pair of shorts and slip on sandals.

For those that don’t know stripes have an effect on your overall size and shape. If you are short, do not wear horizontal stripes because they tend to make you look wider, thereby shorter than you already are. This applies to tall guys as well. Do not wear vertical stripes as they make you look taller than you already are.

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

The ’70s Rock

Judging from what was showcased on the runway, we can safely say that the 70s are back in terms of fashion. Remember the flared corduroy trousers, the floral prints and the wide collared shirts? Well they are back!

Back in the 70s, the tight on top and flared on the bottom look was the in thing and we see it coming back in 2015. Lately, the skinny and ultra-slim fit bottoms have dominated the men’s fashion industry and it seems that’s about to change as witnessed on the runway. The bell bottoms have made a comeback. The 70s style of wearing a waistcoat on top of a shirt has also been brought back this season.

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

We also noticed a lot of colour on the runway, with burnt orange, turquoise, yellow and red making their mark.  Colour was applied to mostly shirts and blazers and a few shorts and trousers. Patterns were also incorporated into the whole look. Yes, we will see a lot of floral prints this summer.


For the few designers that decided to design tailored suits, they still found a way to make them vintage. We saw both single breasted and double breasted suits, with longer length jackets and the vintage bell bottoms.

Mens Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

So, whatever your style is, don’t be afraid to try out these few fashion trends because you might just surprise yourself. Try out everything and see what works best for you.

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