Men’s Wardrobe Essentials for Summer

Winter is gone. And summer is almost here. And it’s time we put inside those warm sweaters and cardigan and not worry about putting on layers and layers of clothes to escape winters. Getting ready in summers is super easy. Put on a shirt and shorts, and you are good to go. But then again, there are a few things which you should definitely have to choose from and survive the otherwise boring summer wardrobe.

So, here is a list of Men’s wardrobe essentials for summer:

Navy Polo

This is something that everyone must have in their wardrobe and not only this season but always. Navy polo t-shirts are very classy. If worn in the correct size, anyone and everyone can carry off a polo shirt and looks very appealing also.


White Button-down

The white button-down is another essential in men’s wardrobe. One should always own a white button down. It has a formal yet casual look to it. And hence you can wear it wherever you want and whenever you want. So, if it’s a casual day at office, tuck it in and you are good to go or if you’re going out with friend, pair it up with shorts or khakis or regular jeans (they look good with everything).  You will definitely look dapper.

Khaki Shorts

Winters are gone and it’s time to let your body breathe. The right shade of khaki shorts is something you should have in your summer wardrobe. A few pairs of shorts will go a long way toward keeping your spring and summer vibe looking versatile neither too long and nor too short, these shorts should stop right above your knees and should be probably of 9’and 10’ inseam.

Slim-Fit Half Sleeves Button Down

Slim Fit shirt are in this season. Let your body breathe and go for half sleeves button downs. A slim-fit half sleeves button is very dressy and stylish. A good button down can create the illusion that a man had made an effort to dress up. Pair it with khaki short (or regular shorts) or with regular pants. And because they are a slim fit, choose your size carefully.

Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket has something really appealing about it. If you are wearing a regular t-shirt and denim pants, instead of the regular jacket, try a denim jacket, it will change your entire look. 

Slim-fitting dark blue jeans

Completely classic and timeless, slim-fitting jeans are one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever own. A dark blue jeans would never go out of fashion. While you should have colors in wardrobe, a slim fit blue jeans is always needed to tone down the look. They are classy and a go-anywhere kinda wardrobe necessity. 

Linen and Cotton Blazer

Last but not the least, this summer instead of suffocating yourself in those dreadful tuxedos for special occasions, it’s refreshing to wear a blazer in an alternative material like cotton and linen. So, go and buy yourself linen and cotton blazers. 

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