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Sexiest Men’s Fragrances

There is nothing that is more inviting than a man who both looks good, as well as smells good. A man should have that one cologne that drives women wild and simply impresses them. 

A good cologne must be irresistible and must be able to attract women, even if it’s being worn by a man who is not so good looking. This is why we have come up with a list of the eight sexiest fragrances that you can wear and instantly become sexy, attractive and a women magnet.

1. D&G The One 

Actor Matthew Mcconaughey has worn this and that’s how you know it’s good. The One is a very classy, sharp, exhilarant perfume meant for that elegant and sophisticated man who takes good care of himself.  It has a pleasant scent that lasts throughout the day. It has a strong citrusy wood smell, with a hint of tobacco leaf and also a little bit of spice, making it quite warm and inviting. It is charismatic and seductive, warm and inviting. If you quickly want a woman by your side, make sure to wear this!

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

2. Dior Homme Intense

Well, this one will speak for itself. It is the kind of perfume that will give any man prestige and personality. It has got the wow factor and you will never go wrong with Dior Homme Intense. It is delicate and essential and describes masculinity in one word

Dior Homme Intense for men is a musk fragrance that has sage bergamot and lavender traits in it. It is a very sexy fragrance that is sure to turn a lot of heads.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

3. Creed Cologne For Men

Creed Cologne For Men is a bit pricy for the average Joe but it is well worth its price. It is a dream scent which is ideal for evening wear. This cologne has been worn by a lot of celebrities and royal men. The sexy, mysterious and exotic scent has hints of lemon and pepper. This fragrance is not only a status symbol, but also alluring and ambiguous, and will leave women on their knees begging for some time with you.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

4. Tom Ford Noir

This fragrance can only be described in one word; hot! It has hints of wood, violet, pepper and a bit of smoky leather. This classic fragrance is perfect for that sophisticated and elusive man who wants to be fierce and mysterious. Tom Ford Noir is bound to turn any man into a masculine man and will drive any kind of woman crazy! One other trait that makes it alluring is that it is not overpowering like most male fragrances out there.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

5. Terre D’Hermes

Unlike other men’s fragrances out there, Terre D’Hermes is not too sweet, neither is it too flowery. It smells incredible and lasts for a while. It is perfect for that man who wants to exude confidence, power and strength.

Terre D’Hermes is an award winning scent built around lemon, orange, grapefruit and pepper, giving a citrusy feel which makes it sexy. It also has a hint of smoked woody aroma, which makes it very pleasant. This fragrance lasts all day long and is guaranteed to turn a few heads and get you many compliments from the females.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

6. Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne 

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid has an excellent smell which will last all day and all night long. A little bit of this unavoidable, tantalizing fragrance will go a long way. 

Just like Terre D’Hermes, it has a hint of smoked woody notes but built around dark chocolate, black currant, citrus and French jasmine, which will confuse any woman. What makes this sexy, enticing and erotic scent special is that it can be worn by both male and female.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

7. Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

This sexy, manly cologne will make any woman want to be close to you and taste you. It has a very pleasant smell that lasts throughout the day.

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

8. Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel is a traditional fragrance that has citrus and peppermint notes. It also has hints of pink peppercorn, sandalwood, jasmine and nutmeg, which makes it smell fresh and provocative. It has a very pleasant scent which is not overpowering. It is for that guy who wants to be adventurous. 

Sexiest Men's Fragrances

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