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It’s cool, a lot of people are doing it and you are contemplating on giving it a try. But going sockless have a lot of things to consider than what meets the eye. Remember it is not a life choice but a mere fad, so you must not wear it on a daily basis and always remember what you mom used to tell you when you were a kid —-wear appropriate clothes for the occasion! So please feel free to use our style rules for going sockless, as this will serve a guideline if you want to pull out a stylish sockless ensemble.

Keep things skinny

The best way to pull out a sockless look is to choose the right cut of jeans or trousers.  You may have seen some runway shows where models are asked to walk in with baggy pants that are cut at the ankle level. Unfortunately, we are not models, and not everyone can pull such look and get away with it clean. So for mere mortals like us, it would be a failsafe idea to keep our trousers or jeans skinny when pulling out a sockless ensemble.

Style Rules for Going Sockless

Choose the Appropriate Length

The million dollar question on what is the right length when aiming for a sockless look has been unspoken thoughts of most guys. So to solve this, according London based stylists; the proper length should be 2 to 2.5 inches above the shoes. However, in most cases this length is not often available in the men’s clothing department, so a good suggestion is to buy skinny cut and have your atelier repair the length based on your preference —-voila an instant tailor-made bottom.

Style Rules for Going Sockless

Get the Right Shoes

Another vital key in pulling out the sockless look is to choose the right shoes suited for the attire and the occasion. If you are wearing a casual ensemble then it would be proper to wear casual shoes like sneakers or loafers, while if it’s a business and formal outfits it would ideal to pair it with brogues or oxfords. It would be wise to put things right than end up being a fashion victim. After all, looking clownish in a formal party is never stylish!

Style Rules for Going Sockless

Invest on Invisible Socks

Guys, sockless look are being pulled everywhere and mostly by everyone. So what is stopping you? Probably you are worried that your sweaty feet or sore ankles might just ruin your look. Well here is the answer you’ve been waiting for — don’t go sockless but achieve a sockless look! Yes, you can wear invisible socks. They are proven not only to be feet healthy but shoes healthy as well because it will prevent shoes from being soaked with sweat on a sunny day. This is one hell of an investment you will cherish for the rest of the sockless fad!

Style Rules for Going Sockless

Foot Care

Come on lads foot care is not only limited to the opposite sex, it is also an essential for men. Proper hygiene will always create a good impression, and more often than not it will be a lasting one. It’s undeniable that most men are sweaty especially during summer and this may cause for some bacteria to grown in their footwear and will lead to bad odour. The ideal solution to this dilemma is to advise men to use foot powder before wearing their shoes and to use foot scrub when they are in the shower.

Style Rules for Going Sockless

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