Style tips for Job Interview

When it comes to giving the right impression it starts to get difficult and confusing to determine the appropriate outfit as we are listening to the old saying for a long time that first impression is the last impression, well yes the first thing people notice is the way how you are dressed and formed and impression about you within first few seconds. Many hiring professionals says appearance has a great impact on hiring decisions. Dressing appropriately shows the seriousness towards the work and business etiquette.

For Corporate Jobs

If you are going for a job in corporate sector always go for a modern cut suit, make a statement about yourself and look apart from others. A good suit makes you look better and shows confidence and adequate attitude for a job and make sure it is industry appropriate. Definitely the grey suit is the first preference.

The Right fit is everything when it comes to the suit, make sure to get the perfect fit that makes you stand out. The first thing to check is how it fits on your shoulders and secondly the sleeves, they should end on the base of your thumb and if you are missing any of those things in your suit go for the adjustments they won’t cost you much but will make a great difference.

To wrap up things overall and giving more elegant look go for the white button down shirt and dark color tie, grey and blue are the most recommended colors and if you want to add more detail place a simple white straight fold square pocket to your jacket.

Style tips for Job Interview

The other alternative is the navy suit which is also very classy and stylish and definitely the color of a corporate world and power. For a more modern look go for the single breasted jacket with skinny lapels with a white shirt and a skinny tie, and if you prefer sober look choose a double breasted jacket with wider lapels.

Style tips for Job Interview

For Creative Jobs

In creative industries you doesn’t require to be that formal it is more about casual but still dressing appropriately is very important, if you are going for advertising interview go for a business casual outfit and absolutely no jeans for any interview. You can still wear your corporate navy suit if you want to for your creative job but think out of the box and add more personality to it by wearing printed shirt. You can also mix and match with trendy check blazers with smart trousers and a crisp shirt to look bold and stylish.

Style tips for Job Interview

Style tips for Job Interview

Style tips for Job Interview

Final touches

To finalize the look add some accessories, a tie pin would give you exceptional look adding more class to your personality and wear a classic strap watch.

Grooming has also great importance, you should be groomed properly have a clean and close shave and a neat hairstyle. If you are following current beard trend then make sure to trim it properly.

Style tips for Job InterviewStyle tips for Job Interview

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