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 Tie Highlight the Outfit

The first thing people will notice in your outfit is tie. So all you need is to get a tie that looks great on you, that gives more edge to your outfit.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

The Width of Tie

The width of tie has great importance, narrow tie is more modern, stylish and looks great. The narrow width works with both casual and formal adjusting with any modern cut suit.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

The Length of Tie

The length of the tie has equal importance as width, if your tie is too short or too long it would give you a shabby look. The right length of tie is the tip of the tie should touch your beltline, not above it not below it.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

The Perfect Knot

The knot shouldn’t look flimsy that doesn’t fill the gap between the collar or either too big for it. The most suitable knot is four-in-hand knot that looks more natural and elegant and works with every collar.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

Right Color and Pattern

Many people wear wrong colors and patterns with their outfits. When selecting a tie color or pattern, choose the one which enhance the look of your shirt and suit and if you are in doubt go for solid or subtle patterned ties.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

The Sloppy Tie

As the tie is the highlight of the outfit, thus sloppy or wrinkle tie instantly catch others eyes. To avoid happening such thing always untie your tie after each wearing and hang on tie rack to straighten out the fabric.

The VogueFlair Guide to Ties

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